Born in Ukraine, Ekaterina (Eka) Lestienne is a French digital artist, creator of a colorful world full of positive vibes.
As an intuitive artist, Eka is passionate about the harmony of colors. Her works are unique, vibrant and sparkling. Eka melds the pieces of digitally transformed images together, mixing them with other media creating an intuitive fresh layered imagery.
She seeks to share her vision of the world of happiness and joy. The magic of colors she creates is capable of boosting motivation and of increasing vital energy. For this reason her works were called "energy powerhouses".
In love with our planet, Eka opted for zero waste digital art practice.
Eka’s artistic goal is delivering one message: beauty is everywhere and it is intense. Her works are artistic conversations addressing many different subjects. She celebrates beauty in all shapes in her work and reinforces ideas about optimistic vision of the world, inspiring others.

COP26 DigitalArt4Climate 2nd Place Winner.
Featured by Iconic Mints Dow Jones and Wall Street Journal Gallery.
Selected artist to interpret HRH Princess Margaret's portrait for the occasion of 20 years since HRH Princess Margaret’s death.
Elements of the Nature J. Mane Gallery Honorable Mentions winner.