Being born in a small town in the southern part of Germany, after High School I moved to Paris where i still live today.
Apart from running my own advertising studio I always felt the need to fulfill myself through
my own artistic creations away from the constraints of the advertising world.
My first personal work were collages, yes we are talking glue and scissors here.
Manipulation of content seems to be the best description of "Collages".
Elements of different origins put together on a surface that wasn't meant for them.
The various crossovers between Advertising and Fine Art that have gone on since the arrival
of Modernism have always been my world of expression. I started to work with the computer in
1993 scanning my handmade collages and enhancing them with Photoshop.

I always liked to combine different styles and interacting with the machine, playing some kind of
ping pong, chasing aesthetic phantoms in the magnetic field of a hard drive is an exciting
experience. Also, as randomness plays an interesting part in the process, one has to be open
to surprises to catch on or conversely not to include them and go backwards to try another
That's what I like about digital tools.
Later on I discovered Position change of pixels in the artwork and it brings an new outlook
to the art...your motion-art actually.

The rewarding part happens once you get familiar with the digital tool and you transcend it.
Then you realize that you do not play an instrument anymore...but you make music.
Nevertheless, for me the most important element in art is the creative mind and not the medium.